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07:42pm 11/10/2011
  The diversity of languages on Earth is what makes us more interesting to each other and to ourselves. Sadly, nobody can master all the languages, and the misunderstanding between the individuals that speak different languages is limiting the cooperation and the sense identity of mankind as a whole.

How could we solve this problem without losing the diversity? How can I write my blog in all languages at the same time?

I think there can be an easy solution to this problem - a new computer language so precise and informative, that it's sentences have all the necessary information defined explicitly, making it possible to translate them into any human language automatically.

What kind of properties such a language should have?
The h0w2.info site   
01:40pm 30/01/2011
  http://h0w2.info - a collection of historical to-do lists that actually worked, collected with an aim to enable individuals to understand how the modern world works as a whole.

Introduction: Today, a single individual has less and less ability to understand how the modern world works as a whole, and that's what this project is about to change. We collect high level task decompositions about large number of useful and successful projects from companies, individuals, and organisations who are willing to share it in a form of Work Breakdown Structures (WBSs) or Hierarchical Task Networks (HTNs). We hope that everyone of us can soon start having a great deal of this missing understanding of how the modern world works.
Closing of the Journal   
01:38am 28/04/2010
  LiveJournal had started showing too many ads on my page, and therefore:

since now, I will be writing some entries on http://i.tai.lt - my homepage (look for "friends only").

现在之后我打算在自己的网页( http://i.tai.lt )写发表(找friends only)。

これから日記を自分のホームページ( http://i.tai.lt )で書き続くつもりです(friends onlyで)。。

Nuo dabar rašysiu dienoraštį savo interneto puslapyje http://i.tai.lt (žr. friends only).